George Quinn Ltd a stair parts manufacturer and distributor has invested in a new electric Aislemaster to add to the multi-directional Combilift bought in 2001 and the original gas Aislemaster bought in 2005. Both trucks are still working as hard as the first day.

The George Quinn site extends to 5 acres with 50,000 Sq. Ft. of warehousing. We value every square foot of space as space costs money. To give our customers a next day service we must carry large stocks. This stock must be stored in a safe and efficient system. With continuous investment in products and new designs George Quinn has over 18 different collections in their stair parts portfolio. Add to this 10 different materials including wood, glass, metal and paint, means at any one time we carry over 4000 different stair parts in stock.

George Quinn

During the pandemic we had to increase our storage capacity very quickly. Building more warehousing at short notice in a pandemic was not an option. Combilift warehouse planners (a free service provided) came to the rescue with the perfect solution. They provided us with a new warehouse layout that increased our storage capacity by 45%. Previous to this new layout we spent a lot of time moving pallets to get to the pallet we needed. We now have a system that requires no such pallet movement. At all times stock is visible and stacked on racking, which has increased our output capacity of customer orders by a massive 60%. We could not be happier with the outcome. Not only was it more efficient it was designed with safety in mind for our warehouse operators.

George Quinn

The new Aislemaster is our first battery operated truck. We were apprehensive about this but now it has been so successful and proven to be a big hit with the warehouse operators.

As part of our ‘Going Green Initiative’ we are now committed to replacing all forklifts by going all electric over the next 3 years. Safety; Efficiency; Space Saving; Robust; Service; kinder to the Environment. These trucks just keep getting better.


Michael McDonnell   Managing Editor of Irish Construction Industry Magazine & Plan Magazine


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