As part of a continuous drive towards improvements in 2023 Fosroc UK & Ireland has introduced the ‘Green Tick’ product range. The green tick logo identifies products that carry eco benefits to help reduce the impact of future construction projects on the environment. Below is an explanation of what classifies these products as eco products and how they can contribute to the sustainability of construction projects.

• Proofex EFS – One box of Proofex EFS replaces 28kg of Proofex LM, which in turn reduces waste to landfill.

• Sealants – Several Fosroc sealant variants come in a foil sachet which saves 90000 plastic cartridges (2021). As part of Fosroc’s sustainability pledge for 2023, the complete sealant range will move over to foil packs from plastic cartridges by the end of the year.

• Renderoc DS + DSR – Offers market leading minimal rebound (tested to less than 10%) creating less waste for disposal.
• Thioflex 555 – Machine grade allows for 3000m of joint in the same time hand applied would only cover 800m. Use of 400L packs results in 20kg less packaging waste compared with 5L packs.

• Patchroc 250 – the coating can be applied within 6 hours, whereas standard deck repair products are typically 24 hours. The faster return to service minimises disruption and associated environmental impact from road closures.

• Proofex range; air and water-tight membranes and ancillary products – Passivhaus construction is driving towards a net-zero carbon footprint over the whole lifecycle of a building. Energy bills related to heating can be as much as 10% the cost of heating a conventional structure.

• The Conbextra range; supply in bulk – Reduced mixing time means between 60-90% time saving over 25kg bags. Conbextra GP Eco is in development.

• Auracast 550HE – High early strength allows for a more efficient manufacturing process in precast.

The Green Tick logo is included alongside product descriptions on Technical Datasheets, product catalogues and guides. Throughout the remainder of 2023 and beyond more green tick products will join the existing list.

Alongside the introduction of EPDs (Environmental Product Declarations) for Fosroc’s full concrete repair product range, the Green Tick labelling helps customers to make a more informed and sustainable product solution choice, with consideration of the whole Life Cycle Assessment. Work continues with the independently verified EPDs during 2023, with the expected completion of the entire cementitious grout range and Nitoseal MS sealant range by the end of the year.

For further information on Fosroc’s Green Tick products and EPDs download our new Green Tick podcast.


Michael McDonnell   Managing Editor of Irish Construction Industry Magazine & Plan Magazine


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