Breedon Group Plc is a leading construction materials group operating in over 350 locations across Ireland and Great Britain. The company produces essential materials that make a fundamental difference to the everyday lives of people everywhere.

For the first six months of 2022, Breedon announced a strong set of results, with Group revenue for the period up by 12%. Rob Wood, Breedon Group’s CEO stated, “Crucially, we achieved this strong outturn while keeping our people safe and well. We have continued to invest in our team as we prepare for our next chapter of growth and that was reflected in our recent engagement survey where response and engagement rates were the highest ever. Our colleagues are embracing the challenges presented by the uncertain backdrop, remaining focused on responding nimbly to local market requirements, winning new business, driving efficiencies and delivering first-class service to our customers. Now more than ever, our agile and entrepreneurial DNA will set us apart.”

Breedon has ambitious plans to become even bigger and more successful in the future. An integral part of these plans is the people it employs. Breedon endeavours to develop its own staff from within whilst also attracting talented people into the organisation to help a build sustainable future.

Recently in Ireland, Breedon has embarked on an employer brand campaign called ‘Inside Breedon’ to promote itself as a ‘preferred employer’ within the construction industry in Ireland.

As part of that campaign, we travelled to some of the many locations around the country, speaking to Breedon employees to get a glimpse into what working for one of the leading construction material groups in Ireland and Great Britain, really means.

Martina Coyne, Breedon Emulsion Plant Manager

Martina talked to us about how Breedon has become more than a company or brand to her, and the family of co-workers she can rely upon.

“I’ve been with Breedon for 15 years now, but still the job provides a challenge on a day-to-day basis. What keeps me engaged is how involved I am in everything I do, from production to quality control and order fulfilment. I like how I’m involved in every aspect of what happens here at the plant.”

“We’re a small team which means that everything requires that team effort, so, over time you become more like a family in the way you operate. With the challenges we face we really are kept on our toes but there’s great satisfaction in knowing Breedon customers can count on us to produce a quality product.”

“Here at the plant, we put a lot of preparation into planning for the future, and the same can be said of Breedon in a wider sense. In the Winter months, we concentrate all our efforts on plant maintenance because county councils will be looking to surface dress their roads in the Summer, when the weather is warmer. If it weren’t for our closeness as a team, this would otherwise be a huge challenge.”

“One thing that drew me to this role was how varied the job was. My background was Mechanical Engineering but a lot of what I do has me involved in the chemical process.”

“Anyone who works for Breedon has that sense that they are directly involved in working with the customer, everything is made for a particular customer and in this way, they’re a very customer orientated company.”


Denise Maguire   Editor of Irish Construction Industry Magazine & Plan Magazine


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