As part of the celebration of over 50 years in Ireland, Fosroc are looking back at key project case studies from over the years. The third in the series recalls the refurbishment of Cork Lower Harbour Drainage Scheme. The work took place between 2015-17.

Cork Lower Harbour Drainage Scheme contains a large scale waste water treatment plant. John Sisk and Sons wanted a simple cost effective solution to waterproofing the joints between poured sections of the tanks allowing for expansion and contraction.

Creating a water-tight seal around the large diameter pipes penetration the walls through square openings created further problems for Sisk, due to the volume of material required to fill the void. All products and systems used on the project needed to be resistant to aggressive chemicals and sludge associated with waste water plants.

In excess of 1000M of Fosroc’s tried and tested Supercast PVC Hydrofoil and Rearguard water bar was used throughout the project in all horizontal and vertical joints. Standard 250mm waterbar was chosen due to its simplicity and 10M head of pressure rating. Supercast SW20 hydrophillic strip and Supercast SWX hydrophilic mastic was used around the pipe penetrations and the openings filled with Conbextra TS was poured to fill the openings in a single application. Single component Nitoseal MS600 civil engineering sealant was used in numerous locations on the site because of its ability to resist degradation and de-bonding in permanently immersed conditions.

Each product and system used presented its own advantage to the project and benefit to Sisk. Time and money was saved by using a low-tech but highly effective PVC waterbar system that was complimented by a reliable hydrophilic system made from pure materials, not a blend. This means that the hydrophilic expansion and contraction cycle remains constant and will not leak or seep over time. Using Conbextra TS meant that each of the pipe openings could be filled in a single application, eliminating the leak risk and weak points that would have been created by pouring multiple layers. In keeping with Sisk’s rigorous quality policy there were zero leaks or issues from any of the Fosroc systems or products used on this project.


Denise Maguire   Editor of Irish Construction Industry Magazine & Plan Magazine


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