Tackling the climate crisis is hugely important for the construction industry. However, specifiers need to choose building materials that are not only more sustainable but are also robust and durable. This is where MEDITE SMARTPLY comes in. SMARTPLY OSB is made from sustainable wood products from Coillte forests in Ireland. The SMARTPLY factory is based in Waterford, offering a dependable, local supply, which helps to reduce the carbon footprint for timber merchants and suppliers.

SMARTPLY OSB is made from FSC certified timber from sustainable, fast-growing pine and spruce, which includes the tops that are not used to make any other wood-based product. Because OSB is made of wood strands the whole tree is used, and nothing is wasted.

The panels have no structural defects such as knotholes and core voids. Its versatility allows for adaptability and ease of use in various construction projects, such as modular homes and prefabricated structures. Those working with the product can be sure of achieving consistent results as the panels cut easily and will not delaminate.

SMARTPLY SURE STEP, an innovative OSB panel from the SMARTPLY range, was used to help a new housing development plagued with shrinking floors after construction. Shortly after the completion of phase one on the large development on Kirvin Hill, Wicklow, Ireland, developer Broomhall Estates began receiving reports of gaps appearing between the floors and skirting boards in many of the new homes.

The original product specified was proving to be unsuitable as, before the homes were sealed and completed, they proved prone to absorbing atmospheric moisture, which caused expansion. Once each house was completed, the interior atmosphere became much dryer, which allowed the boards to dry and shrink, causing significant gaps to form around the edges.

Jason McMullan, Technical Sales Manager for MEDITE SMARTPLY explained: “I was called by the Chadwicks’ Bray branch with a request to recommend a product alternative to mitigate the risk of shrinkage. Resolving this was coming at a very high cost, and furthermore, the issue had only manifested well down the line after new owners had taken up occupancy.

“At the time, SMARTPLY SURE STEP had not yet been launched, but I knew it was going to be ideal for the job.”

Manufactured in accordance with EN 300, SMARTPLY SURE STEP is an airtight, tongue and groove OSB/3 panel with a high-performance and durable coating. Using SURE STEP as an air tight layer for flooring or decking can contribute to sustainable building practices as well as reduce the energy consumption for heating, whilst the unique coating brings improved durability during the construction phase and slip resistance to the panel in all site conditions.

“We have tested SMARTPLY SURE STEP to an aggressive exposure test to ascertain its robustness and understand how it would change dimensionally and on the surface. SMARTPLY MAX (OSB/3), which is the base product that makes up SURE STEP, is a resilient product in its own right. However, when we added on the protective top coat, it brought the dependability of the product to a new level and resulted in us successfully testing the panel to 42 day exposure,” explained Jason.

“I am pleased to say, it has been a roaring success from that point on. There is no shrinkage now any of the properties completed with SMARTPLY SURE STEP, so it definitely came good on its promise!”

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Michael McDonnell – Managing Editor of Irish Construction Industry Magazine & Plan Magazine


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