“Our primary objective when sourcing new products, is to answer the needs of our customers with quality sustainable materials” states Vincent Murphy, Sales Executive for the company.

Quality, design and innovation has always been at the forefront of the George Quinn Ltd ethos, when developing new products to bridge the ever present raw material gap faced by staircase and joinery manufacturers.  According to Vincent, “George Quinn Ltd were the first stair parts supplier to embrace the idea of using engineered products in Ireland”.

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Our engineered Strings, Steps and Risers in both white oak and walnut have proved increasingly popular over the last number of years.

Our engineered steps have a unique finger jointed core secured in a cross frame with a 90° glue joint at each end.  It is this cross frame which gives the 270mm wide step its rigidity and prevents cupping, an issue which can affect traditional one or two piece solid jointed steps. The high quality 4mm solid oak layer on the top and the bottom gives the steps not only their consistent colour appearance but also balance and stability.


Our range of handrails have been developed to provide a solution to the issues which can affect traditionally made handrails, such as warping, twisting, inconsistent lengths and variations in colour.  By applying the same finger-jointed construction to the core of the handrail and encasing it with well matched, butt jointed oak on all sides, creates a product which is stable and consistent in length and colour. Our standard handrail is pre-tracked either 41mm or 46mm, and includes the infill pieces

Similarly, the Urbana handrail has a modern square design and is pre-tracked for our 8mm glass panels, as is the accompanying base rail. By using engineered white oak and walnut timber we can remove the usual deficiencies in the wood like knots and cracks. The production process also ensures the wood colour is uniform throughout the length.

George Quinn

Our pre finished Infinity 45mm diameter round white oak handrail is well colour matched and finger jointed for stability. This product is widely used in both residential and commercial buildings, especially popular in office and healthcare settings.

Following the popularity and success of these products with our customers, we have added more engineered products, white oak newel blanks and 44mm oak solid engineered steps, offering our customers more choice.

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Michael McDonnell Managing Editor of Irish Construction Industry Magazine & Plan Magazine


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