As part of the celebration of over 50 years in Ireland, Fosroc are looking back at key project case studies from over the years.

The reservoir construction is made up of a reinforced concrete base onto which a series of precast, post tensioned wall sections were placed and a roof (lid) of reinforced concrete was cast on top. Having been in constant use as the main water supply to Shannon Airport for the Fire Department and the airport’s sprinkler systems for approximately 30 years, the reservoir required a series of repairs to the internal and external surfaces, the lid and to the external vertical and horizontal joints. The client also required a solution that would lead to minimal disruption to the water supply.


Once emptied and cleaned out, all internal surfaces were prepared and 2 coats of Nitocote CM210 cementitious waterproof coating were applied throughout. All vertical and horizontal surfaces, including the underside of the lid were coated to give a full, consistent finish. The 2 expansion joints were prepared and cleaned and were sealed with MS2 Primer and Nitoseal MS600. The joints had been dressed with the Nitocote CM210 prior to the application of the sealant.

Concrete repairs to external areas where spalling had taken place were carried out using the Renderoc HB45 system. External joints were also given 2 coats of Nitocote CM210 to give added protection at these points. The outside lid was coated and protected with Brushbond FLXIII elastic waterproof membrane

The Fosroc materials selected for this project meant the repairs could be carried out quickly and easily, minimising disruption to the water supply which was the client’s biggest concern. The products used are easy to apply, and represented no hazards to the applicators in the confined space of the reservoir, or otherwise. Fosroc’s total solution ensured full, long term protection to the structure and return to service within the timeframe outlined for the project.


Denise Maguire   Editor of Irish Construction Industry Magazine & Plan Magazine


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