Lecturer Jim Roche and fourth year architecture student Georgia Ryan from the Dublin School of Architecture (DSA) participated in the fourth OIKONET international workshop at the Lebanese American University, Beirut, from 29th June to 6th July 2019. Thirty-five students from six schools of architecture from Lebanon, Turkey, Belgium, Ireland and the USA took part in the workshop which was organised by the School of Architecture and Design of the Lebanese American University (LAU) in collaboration with the School of Architecture La Salle, Barcelona, Spain and the Municipality of Beirut.

The workshop represents a continuation of the international collegiate collaboration established during the EU funded Oikonet Housing Research Network (2013-2016) in which the DSA participated.

The workshop was dedicated to rethink the urban condition of the multi-ethnic Karm El-Zeitoun neighbourhood in Beirut, by proposing specific interventions contemplated in a master plan which is currently under development. These interventions aim at revitalising the urban and social fabric, by creating new public spaces and activities which will reintegrate the area into the overall city.

Denise Maguire
Irish Construction Industry Magazine