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Trad meets Modern

Martin Gallagher is a furniture designer maker from Sligo on the North West coast of Ireland. In 2006, he graduated from Letterfrack Furniture College and went to work within a team of highly skilled craftsmen in one of Ireland’s leading design and manufacturing companies honing his design and making skills.

Growing up on a small rural farm surrounded by dramatic limestone mountains, windswept beaches and the awe-inspiring ocean, he has always drawn inspiration from his environment. A keen surfer, Martin has a unique perspective on the contrasting patterns and diverse effects created by the Atlantic Ocean.

Martin’s furniture is handmade using a combination of traditional techniques and modern technology to create distinctive contemporary pieces. Fusing together the basic elements of wood, glass, steel and decorative veneers, Martin’s emphasis on embracing modern materials and the use of colour give his work a fresh innovative aesthetic.

Martin works mainly to commission for private and corporate clients. His bespoke range includes furniture such as dining tables, console tables, sideboards, bookcases/display units and boardroom tables made in solid wood or veneer. Martin is also expanding his collection, a range of limited edition furniture for the more discerning client looking to make an individual statement.

Recent exhibitions of note include MASTERPIECE London, AD 20/21 Boston, SUPERDESIGN London, A Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design Cheltenham and numerous high profile exhibitions in Ireland. Martin’s work has being purchased by clients all around the world, including Canada, China, France, Spain and UK.

Plan Magazine March/April 2016


Ice Cool

We think that it is cold here. How about this. The ICEHOTEL is the world’s largest hotel built entirely of ice and snow. Located in the hamlet of Jukkasjarvi, it was also the first of its kind. While Jukkasjarvi is a small village of just 1,100 people (and 1,000 dogs, the website helpfully points out), each year more than 50,000 visitors arrive to see the ICEHOTEL and experience the Northern Lights.


The construction of the hotel and its centerpiece ICEBAR begins between March and April each year, when more than 5,000 tons of ice are harvested from the Torne River. The ice is kept in cold storage during the spring and summer and then building begins in November. The hotel is open from December through mid-April, before the entire structure is returned to the Torne River once again.

Plan Magazine January/February 2015


Future Flowers

Architect Daniel Libeskind presents Future Flowers, an installation dedicated to the joy of light, colour, and the magic of straight lines. The work is in collaboration with Oikos Future Flowers is “a composition dedicated to the joy of light, colour, and to the magic of straight lines,” says the architect. Starting from one of Libeskindʼs drawings from the “Chamberwork” series, then developed three dimensionally, the result is a composition of lines and planes structured on folded and cut panels and enriched by the addition of density and colour from the new palette specifically designed by Oikos for Libeskind.

Here the effect sought is the lightʼs reflection from a plurality of angles which animates space causing it to vibrate. Vibrant is that which seems to move rhythmically generating a frequency. It is that which therefore creates emotion, movement, dynamic empathy in the soul of the observer.



“Colour is the very essence of life”, said the American architect, an essential element of his design work.

Plan Magazine March/April 2015