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Park Life

Dublin City Council’s proposed new public park on Cork St is an historic opportunity to deliver the first purpose built Public Park for the Liberties and a step forward in addressing the deficit of quality green space and outdoor recreation opportunities within the inner city.

The type of park proposed is a neighbourhood scale park that can provide for a range of uses and activities across all age groups. The park will create a green oasis for local diversity while also providing a location for community events and activities. The park will also contribute to the greening of Cork St. which underwent significant redevelopment during the early years of this century.

It is intended that this new park will become a focus of social life in the area and become something that the community care about and value.
The park layout is arranged around a single large multipurpose green space around which a series of smaller spaces and elements are arranged. The reasons for this approach are as follows:  to maximise the experience of the park as a green room within the city where the park user can enter into a space that is enclosed by a strong perimeter of tree planting; to maximise the potential use of the park as a space for events; such as outdoor markets and outdoor performance during local festivals by creating a large central flexible space that can operate at different scales.

The layout also maximises the inter-visibility from one part of the park to another; which improves passive surveillance and will be of comfort to adults supervising children using the park. The design is intended to create a functioning circulation network that stitches into the surrounding streetscape while maximising the spatial opportunities of the site. The central heart of the Park layout is a lawn divided into a large lawn for games and activities and smaller raised lawn for sitting and reclining.