Feb 2012

Angela Brady PRIBA
Angela Brady was born in Dublin and graduated from the Dublin School of Architecture. She set up in private practice with Robin Mallalieu forming Brady Mallalieu Architects 20 years  ago, an award winning design led practice specialising in contemporary sustainable design and based in London.

angela brady

Will the situation improve for architects in 2012 (even slightly)?
Yes if we learn to diversify and use our communication skills to help the general public be aware of savings they can make on making their homes more energy efficient.

How can the profession maintain high standards of design when the economy and budgets are so tight?
Good design does not cost money, we cannot afford to do things twice so get it right first time and build to last.

Is below cost bidding a problem – is it getting worse or better and what can be done to address it?
A good business firm will not under cut for short term business as all will lose out in time.

Do you feel architects provide value for money?
Architects bring great value in realising the potential of projects. We have vision skills and innovative ways to save money now and in futur

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