Headed up by Fionuala Lennon, the interior design studio at Wilson Architecture is creating award-winning, dynamic and eclectic designs

Back in 2021, we spoke with interior designer Fionuala Lennon about her new role as Interior Design Principal at Wilson Architecture. Fionuala was tasked with expanding Wilson’s interior design offering and broadening its scope to include more projects across various sectors. Since then, Fionuala and the team have worked on several high profile projects, including Penrose Dock in Cork which received the Corporate Office Buildings award at the 2022 International Architecture Awards, the only Irish winner at the prestigious event. This year, the practice was once again recognised at the awards, bringing home the ‘Hotels’ award for its work on The Dean Hotel, Cork. “This is the second year that Wilson Architecture was the only Irish winner at the International Architecture Awards. Penrose Dock and The Dean Cork are two very different projects; they demonstrate our versatility and ability to design for different categories and styles,” says Fionuala. Wilson Architecture has also been nominated for five awards at the 2023 Fit Out Awards.

In 2022, Wilson Architecture completed the full fit-out of the 41,000 sq ft new office building for Logitech in Cork. The brief, says Fionuala, was to create a vibrant, hot-desking environment that would cater for people with creative roles alongside people with more traditional roles. “That was such an interesting project to work on. Logitech had previously told their employees worldwide that they didn’t have to come into the office and could work from home. Our brief was to design an environment that would draw people back into the office so we created spaces that were homely and relaxed, that feel as comfortable as a second home.” Each of the four floors has its own colour palette which defines the spaces as ‘neighbourhoods’, while also acting as wayfinding. “Employers are very aware that staff and particularly younger staff are more likely to accept a role if their working environment is vibrant and dynamic. With the Logitech project, the client was open to new concepts and wanted to create spaces that catered for different ways of working.” Meetings can take place on a couch or at a high table. The number of workstations has been halved, allowing staff to hot desk or even sit at the coffee dock with their laptop. “These spaces are far removed from a traditional working office. They accommodate every type of worker, from the person that wants to hot desk every day, the person that wants the regularity of their own desk, to the person that prefers the quiet and tranquility of the library.”

Savills, Penrose Dock, Cork
PepsiCo R&D Campus

Wilson Architecture is currently working on several residential and town planning projects, The Dean in Kilkenny and projects for Pepsi. “We completed the interior fit-out of Pepsi in Little Island earlier this year. Pepsi is a great client to work with; they’re very open to new ideas and were so happy with our work that we’re actually going back in to do a complete retrofit of the building.” For 2024, Fionuala is keen to grow Wilson’s Dublin office. “We’ve got a lot of work in Cork and while the Dublin office is growing, I’d like to build on that growth and explore opportunities across different sectors. We’re in a great position and I’m looking forward to what the future will bring.”


The Dean Cork
Anume Medical, Penrose Dock, Cork



Michael McDonnell – Managing Editor of Irish Construction Industry Magazine & Plan Magazine


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