Neolith enhances the individuality of singularly brilliant design hotel in Germany

Nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Elbe Sandstone Mountains, close to the historic city of Dresden, in picturesque Pirna, Design Hotel Laurichhof brings fantasy to life.

Renowned interior designer Annette Katrin Seidel, her architect husband, Uwe Seidel, and their architectural student son, Franz Philipp, have worked tirelessly over the past five years to make their vision for this highly-original design hotel a reality.

Overflowing with creativity, passion and an unparalleled style, it’s unlike any other hotel in the world.

It further builds on Neolith’s reputation as a surfacing material of choice for hospitality purposes, seamlessly delivering unrivalled and performance required by operators in this sector.

Rest and relaxation

At its heart, the establishment possesses an overwhelming homely feel, ensuring guest feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as they step through the door.

The suites have been specifically designed to tell their own remarkable story, each with a unique style and character all its own. The attention to detail in creating these different room even extends to the bed linen used, ensuring no two rooms are the same.

In such a unique, sophisticated and urbane space, it’s no surprise that large amounts of Neolith’s singularly superior surfaces were used to deliver the project’s awesome visual impact.

Further, the Seidels’ chose the materials because it is easy to work with, ultra-resistant and sustainable manufactured. Furthermore, Neolith’s wide variety of colours, patterns and finishes, offered essential versatility to meet the exacting design brief.

The subtle showroom

Stepping over the threshold, the hotel’s eclectic nature is immediately visible. Venture further, and you’ll discover the establishment’s 27 marvellously eccentric suites. Laurichhof is a true feast for the eyes and senses.

Supreme luxury is at the project’s heart, from lamps and furniture to tiles and art, every inch of the interior alludes to exquisite taste.

Each room sparkles with design inspiration and, uniquely, all of the furniture and features can be purchased by guests, looking to replicate the look in their own home following their stay.

Home suite home

The first suite, known as the ‘Blueberry’ suite, thanks to the deep regal purple shade which envelopes the rooms used Neolith Nero Marquina for the bathroom floor. This monochromatic, marmoreal model creates an inviting ornateness and perfectly complementing the vividly purple vanity and shelving units.

The jet black, white-veined slabs are further highlighted by LED strip lighting under the vanity units which illuminates the stunning design of this impressive model.

Pretty Green

Next, Neolith was specified in the ‘Evergrins’ suite, which is inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Vibrant pops of luminous green dominate the design of this unique space. The most unusual aspect is the application of Astroturf across all the room’s walls and ceilings.

Neolith Beton was selected for the bathroom’s flooring in the bathroom, as well as the tops of the floating vanity units. This neutral, yet elegant bathroom provides a perfect contrast to the vibrant colours that flood the rest of the suite.

In the suite’s central hub, Beton has been used on the floors delivering an unobtrusive subtlety which complements the splashes of vibrant electric green throughout. Pops of orange occasionally interject, via inbuilt shelving and soft furnishing and upholstery.

Return to nature

Stepping into the third and final suite to include Neolith, known as ‘Mogli’. Highly distinctive, the tropical theme of these rooms is inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s classic, The Jungle Book.

Possessing a more muted, earthy tone than many of the other suites, it eschews overstatement to evoke the density of the rainforest. Neolith La Boheme has been used in the kitchen area floors and across the bathroom floors and walls, delivering a fresh, ligneous look.

The use of this particular model, from Neolith’s Timber Collection, nods to the company’s dedication and commitment to sustainable practices. Notably, the brand has so helped preserve a large number of at-risk trees, due to its low carbon manufacturing methods. Furthermore, Neolith also continues to be involved with forestry conservation projects across the world ensuring our natural environment is protected for years to come.

Commenting on the project, Franz Philip Seidel, who played a central role alongside his mother and father in Laurichhof’s design, says:” What really convinced me to specify Neolith is how realistic the surface decoration is, identical to the material it is referencing. For example, guests in the Mogli Suite were surprised and amazed that, what they thought were wooden floors in the kitchenette, were actually sintered stone slabs. Using sintered stone ensured we captured the desired look and atmosphere whilst also ensuring the performance qualities required of surfaces used in a culinary environment.”

Laurichhof goes above and beyond to offer visitors far more than a luxury hotel experience. The suites’ unique designs aim to broaden minds and demonstrate that interior design is only ever limited by imagination.

Neolith was delighted to be included in this unique project and look forward to collaborating with this talented family of innovative interior designers and architects on more projects in years to come.

All Neolith surfaces are 100% natural and manufactured in a carbon neutral environment. Ideal for any professional or residential surfacing application, it is also one of the safest and most hygienic materials available, without compromising on performance and visual appeal.

Neolith. The safe, sustainable surfacing solution.

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