Neolith® Mont Blanc specified by leading French chef throughout his conceptual dining venue
Food holds particular significance for renowned chef Pierre Sang. Born in South Korea, he was adopted by a Parisian family at seven years old. Cooking played a major role in his integration into French society.

Mont Blanc worktops at Le Loft, Paris, France

With a 60-strong workforce with 10 different nationalities, social and gastronomic diversity is central to Sang’s approach, emphasising his worldly personality. This is underpinned with a deep-felt sense of community, shared by the teams across his five restaurants in Paris’s fashionable 11th arrondissement.

Building on the success of his celebrated flagship restaurant, Pierre Sang in Oberkampf, he recently launched Le Loft, an informal space dedicated to private dining and events. Specifically designed to evoke the feeling of home entertaining, the restaurateur wanted to create a soft and cosy, welcoming space overflowing with hospitality.

Mont Blanc worktops at Le Loft, Paris, France

Sang wanted Le Loft’s décor to evoke the precision, refinement and variety of his cuisine. This applied to everything from walls, floors and ceilings to furniture, fixtures and fittings. Everything had to be of the highest quality, but equally subtle and without bombast.

As such, the surfaces were a particularly important consideration as they would dictate the overall diner experience of Le Loft, setting the tone throughout the rest of the space.

Having previously shied away from Carrara marble-style worktops, which he felt were aesthetically cold and unsuitable for the requirements of a professional kitchen, Sang had a change of heart when he was introduced to Neolith® and one of its latest patterns, Mont Blanc.

Mont Blanc worktops at Le Loft, Paris, France

Specified for Le Loft’s central kitchen island, worktops and splashbacks, Mont Blanc is a homage to white quartzite. It possesses an enrapturing neutral palette, combining a creamy white background with gentle veining in deep black, oxide and ochre hues. Using a special technique, Neolith has created an inward relief exactly where the veins are, delivering an unusual texture which is pleasing to the touch.

Mont Blanc worktops at Le Loft, Paris, France

The Mont Blanc surfaces create an exciting design dialogue with the other interior elements in Le Loft. The central island pleasantly contrasts with a plain polished concrete floor and varnished wood cabinetry. Bold and vibrant abstract art adds dynamic pops of colour immediately catching the eyes of venue guests.

Further demonstrating Neolith’s performance potential, Chef Sang recently prepared one of his signature creations directly on the surface. Using vividly coloured sauces and brightly pigmented edible flowers, which would stain most unpolished worktops, he showcased how the Sintered Stone could serve as a canvas for this artistry to then be wiped spotlessly clean, unblemished and ready for his next masterpiece.

Commenting on Neolith, Sang says, “These surfaces, aside from their quiet, understated beauty, are top performers in a professional kitchen. They are hygienic, hard-wearing and easy to clean. Furthermore, as a chef, I am a highly tactile person and the smoothness of the Sintered Stone is tangible, enhanced by a delicate silk finish.”