Ciaran O’Connor FRIAI is the new RIAI President for 2020 to 2021. He has taken over from David Browne who served from 2018-2019. In 2012, the Irish Government appointed Ciaran O’Connor as the new State Architect and Principal Architect in the Office of Public Works.

Ciaran worked in Germany and Canada prior to joining the Office of Public Works. He is a member of the OPW Management Board, responsible for the Major Projects Unit and the Brexit Infrastructure Unit. He also leads and directs the Architectural and Professional Services who have responsibilities for a wide variety of works including new build, conservation and landscape projects. Citations include European, Triennial and national awards for conservation, new build and landscape projects. He is the main advisor to Government in relation to architectural matters and is presently completing the Government’s Green Public Procurement document for Construction and inputting in the Government Policy on Architecture. He is co-author of six books and is an occasional visiting lecturer, critic and external examiner to Schools of Architecture.
Ciaran has been a Past President of the Architectural Association of Ireland. He was previously involved with RIAI Council and various committees including education and international affairs. He rejoined Council in 2015 and serves on the finance committee. He is a strong supporter of architectural education especially through the OPW/RIAI Architectural Graduate Training Programme, now in its 20th year. He is a regular contributor at the RIAI Annual Conference and has recently served on two RIAI competition assessment panels.

Denise Maguire        
Editor of Plan Magazine