Josepha Madigan, Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, recently welcomed the launch of the public consultation phase of a new National Policy on Architecture. The proposed new policy will support long–term planning strategies and will assist in addressing key issues including societal well-being, climate change and urban regeneration. It will provide tools to help us creatively address challenges such as the need to deliver new homes and neighbourhoods for our growing population, together with the schools, hospitals, workplaces and infrastructure to support the society we aspire to achieve. The adaptation of existing as well as the design of new buildings will be critical to meet the targets set by the Climate Action Plan 2019.

“The proposed new National Policy on Architecture will set out this Government’s ambition for better understanding of the character, qualities, potential and benefits of our built environment, to provide attractive places for people to enjoy, that function well and are durable in this age of climate disruption,” the Minister said.

A discussion document has been prepared by the Department which outlines the scope and ambitions of the proposed new National Policy on Architecture, provisionally entitled, ‘Places for People’. It is based around five key themes:

Designing for climate resilience and sustainability
Designing quality places for public benefit
Respecting our past, shaping our future
Knowledge and innovation

The Secretary General of the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, Katherine Licken, urged everyone to have their say in shaping the architectural priorities for Ireland’s future. “This proposed National Policy on Architecture will put society and people first. Personal involvement with their surroundings and a high quality environment makes for a healthier society for all, now and into the future. We would like to hear from all interested people and organisations how you believe a policy on architecture can support the country’s projected growth and guide its sustainable development over the coming years.”

Denise Maguire        
Editor of Plan Magazine