Sintered Stone brand teams up with CB Stone-Tec for exclusive range of outdoor fireplaces

Today, Neolith®, a market-leading brand of Sintered Stone, announces an exclusive collaboration with premium fireplace manufacturer CB Stone-Tech, neocube-o.

Born from a mutual appreciation of each Neocompany’s innovative, forward-thinking and dynamic approaches, neocube-o is an outdoor gas fireplace developed to establish new dimensions in design, workmanship and material diversity.

The chic fireplace combines high quality gas firing technology in stainless steel and Schott glass with an elegant, Neolith-clad base. With a striking visual appearance, neocube-o is a sophisticated style statement, guaranteed to catch the eye.

Manufactured in Germany to rigorously high standards, premium quality is at the essence of the system.
neocube-o is solely for outdoor use and is suitable for all gas types. The fireplace has the further advantage of being easy to move, set on four discreet rollers with a brake for fixing in position. This offers a welcome degree of flexibility as it can be quickly repositioned in an outdoor area according to specific requirements.

neocube-o is currently offered in 13 of Neolith’s most popular colours, including the award-winning La Bohème and Zaha Stone, as well as the brand’s latest patterns, New York – New York, Mont Blanc and Sofia Cuprum. It is available for purchase in Germany, Austria, Italy France, UK, Switzerland, Poland, Spain and The Netherlands, rolling out further across Europe imminently and internationally over the next 6-9 months.

Commenting on the collaboration Lorenz Gegler, CB Stone-Tec sales director, says: “Our clients are always looking for solutions which seamlessly balance form and function. A robust, reliable product is as important, if not more so, as one which looks great. This is especially the case for anything which needs to withstand the elements such as outdoor furniture and sculptural installations.”

He continues, “We tested many different surface materials when designing neocube-o and found Neolith to be the one which perfectly matched the high-end fireplace system we manufacture. A simple design with clean lines, it has a quiet, understated beauty and can act as much as a standalone item as an important background player in any outdoor space. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with the Neolith team, and the success of our neocube-o collaboration.”

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