Neolith® brings the sun-drenched Tyrrhenian coastline to the heart of Rome

Acquaroof Terrazza Molinari, located on high amidst the rooftops above the excitement and vibrancy of central Rome, Italy, is the latest offering from renowned Italian restaurateurs the Troiani brothers and drinks brand Molinari.

Situated on the sixth floor of contemporary hotel The First Roma Arte, the gastro destination is at once a kitchen, cafeteria and cocktail bar. It seeks to offer guests a slick, stylish dining experience against the inviting backdrop of a comfortable, airy environment.

Designed by revered architect Antonio Marincola, Acquaroof is an extension of parent restaurant Acquolina, and offers individual tasters of traditional Italian seafood, interpreted in the singular style of head chef Angelo Troiani. Known as ‘Assaggia’, which literally translates as ‘taste’, this approach uses small plates of food to tell the story of the rich, regional cuisine of the country’s coastline.

Acquaroof Terrazza Molinari, Rome, Italy

Raising the Bar
Primarily, the Troiani brothers and Molinari wanted to create an ambience which would leave visitors speechless and awe-inspired on arrival.

Specified throughout the establishment, Neolith® was instrumental in helping to create the ‘sea lounge’ atmosphere of the client’s original vision.

The designers felt the patterns and colours offered by the Sintered Stone brand would perfectly capture the look and feel of a luxury beachfront bar, creating a small oasis inspired by the golden-shored Tyrrhenian coast in the heart of the city centre.

Neolith Calacatta Gold Silk, 6mm and 12mm

A Sintered Stone Symphony
Neolith’s Calacatta Gold Silk was chosen for the project, not just to communicate the desired maritime atmosphere but also the philosophy of Chef Troiani. He felt the pattern’s golden veining would subtly communicate the exquisite, delicate nature of his cuisine.

Furthermore, the fine and subtle detailing of the slab evoked the splendour of the Italian capital, its renowned marble statues and world-famous classical monuments. Contextually, Neolith was the perfect fit, seamlessly balancing form and function.

Neolith Calacatta Gold Silk, 6mm and 12mm

As a result, Calacatta Gold in 6mm and 12mm was used for all the bar tops, backrests and kitchen counters.

Neolith Nero Marquina, 6mm

Working in Harmony
To provide a point of contrast, Nero Marquina in 6mm was applied to the dining table tops. Delivering a dash of pomp and grandeur to the space, it playfully references the many black marble sculptures found in Rome’s renowned Capitoline Museums.

Acquaroof’s designers were keen for each and every element of the design to work in conjunction with each other, from the surfacing to the furniture. To complement the white-gold bar and the black-white tabletops, chairs clad in a neutral, grey-stained fabric accentuated the Neolith surfaces, making them stand out as the project’s central design feature.

Acquaroof Terrazza Molinari, Rome, Italy

The project was a triumphant collaboration between Neolith, interior designer Old Style di Federico Testi and fabricator Stone Arredo SRL. Facilitated by distributor Domus Marmi SRL, the close collaboration and cooperation of all parties throughout the construction journey ensured the project was flawlessly realised.

Ultimately, Acquaroof perfectly delivers on the client’s original aim to develop a scenic roof terrace, offering a refuge of calm and serenity amid the hustle and bustle of the busy streets of Rome.

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