Neolith® announces launch of pioneering treatment of slabs
Each year an average of 37.3 million people are seriously injured due to trips, slips and falls, in both public and domestic environments. Putting this into perspective, the calculated cost to the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) to deal with injuries caused by falls is £4.4 billion.

As such, architects, interior designers and urban planners are looking at ways in which to prevent this undesirable and expensive occurrence.

A number of products currently exist which to give surfaces more friction, from paints, tapes and coatings to acid-etched grooving and rubber matting. While initially effective, these solutions are short-term and need to be replaced or reapplied on a regular basis, especially in public spaces with heavy footfall.

Neolith Phedra Silk, MALBA, Buenos Aires

Responding to a call for a long-term solution, Neolith® announces the launch of Neolith Slip-No-More.

This pioneering, proprietary anti-slip technology meets the demands of specifiers looking for a hard-wearing and long-life material to improve public safety and well-being.

Designed to last
Neolith Slip-No-More differs from standard, superficial anti-slip finishes available on the market as it is applied to the surface of the material during production, before the Sintered Stone has been fired.
An optional enhancement, unlike anti-slip treatments, which are applied as a surface finish post-process and have a limited working life, Neolith’s technology is incorporated during manufacturing. This means the slab’s anti-slip qualities will remain effective during its lifetime with no need for maintenance.

Neolith Slip-No-More’s development highlights Neolith’s commitment to manufacturing fit-for-purpose surfaces which meet and surpass global health and safety standards and requirements.

Neolith Estatuario Silk, Shopping Mall, Istanbul

Commenting on the innovation, Mar Esteve Cortes, director at Neolith, says, “Our research and development team is constantly exploring ways in which we can improve the composition of our surfaces and respond to the evolving requirements of our audience.”

She continues, “Specifiers are not only looking for longevity and durability in surfacing materials, but also safe, easy to install products which protect the welfare of the public, whether out and about or in the home environment. Neolith Slip-No-More allows us to offer essential assurance that the slabs they are choosing retain their anti-slip performance qualities without the need for regular maintenance.”

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