In the capital city for thirteen dynasties, Xi’an, there is a high-tech industry development zone which takes the lead in the most advanced technologies. In 1st and 2nd floor of a modern building which stands in this zone, YJY MAIKE CENTRE FLAGSHIPSTORE was designed by the famous Japanese designer Tomoko Ikegai. It is a bookstore-based integrated commercial facility with an area of 5308 ㎡.

The design is trying to integrate a few concepts together: the world heritage -Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses, the starting point of Silk Road, an ancient city with rich cultural heritage, the luxurious environment of Grand Hyatt in the upper floors, as well as the beautiful shape of the curved twin towers in the business center. The bookstore is designed to be a unique space where the East meets the West, people meet books, and cultures are integrated.

Themed with 「Library & Gallery」, the design intends to combine the elements of library for the pursuit of time quality with those of gallery which provides experience of culture and art in the space. What’s more, palatial layout is adopted to create an ideal environment for inducing some creative interaction between customers and the bookstore. The space is designed with human touch. It creates the feel like walking in a palace from one room to another, in order to achieve the affinity of “people-people” “people-book” “people-space” and to bring a sense of belonging for all guests to feel like staying at home.

In the 1st floor, a 10m high bookshelf stands in the spatial lobby. Stepping into the bookstore, guests will instantly have a keen sense of being surrounded with books. The floor near the spiral stair in the atrium is designed in bright color and the ceiling is glazed, which give people some differences from the surroundings. The lighting hanging in the empty space is like flying paper. The stage with an imbedded stone map of the central Xi’an can be used for activities.

In the 2nd floor, bar counters are set up as a lounge in the hotel, providing a place for people working in the office building to communicate.

A 5m x 0.5m book corridor brings an artistic experience just like gallery by reducing ceiling height, using deep color carpet and setting cabinet on the bookshelf. The quietness is created in the space, and the calmness is achieved. Art works are seen everywhere, which are customized to local culture.

Here in the bookstore, you will experience the long history of China as the pride of the world. You can also relax yourself, relieving your stress, meditating and enjoying your life. It provides people a space which is beyond time and filled with classical culture and fun.