Today, Neolith®, a leading brand of Sintered Stone, announces plans for four new showrooms in Milan, Rome, Amsterdam and Düsseldorf, expanding its global presence.

The development sees Neolith adding to an impressive roster of venues internationally in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain; Tokyo, Japan; Ramallah, Palestine; Singapore; Manhattan, Phoenix, Dallas and Salt Lake City, United States; and most recently, London, United Kingdom.

Commenting on the new showrooms, Neolith’s Mar Esteve Cortes says: “2018 has been a year of growth for Neolith with regard to both its reach and offering. Around the world and across sectors, we’re seeing an increase in demand for sustainable solutions. Shifting climates and economies require high-performance surfaces with longevity. By continually developing our services, whether through investing in R&D or increasing production capacity, Neolith is well-positioned to respond.”

The growth presents an opportunity to directly engage and interact with exciting and emerging audiences. Cortes continues: “An image on a page or screen doesn’t offer much impetus to explore the full range of possibilities Neolith offers. Showrooms allow architects and designers to observe the surface in numerous applications, feel the finishes we offer and see the high quality of Neolith patterns. These multisensory experiences truly fire the imagination, helping visitors realise the full creative scope of Sintered Stone.”

This year saw the addition of a fourth production line in Castellon, Spain, the launch of Neolith Infinity, a landmark rectifying system, and the expansion of its collection with four new motifs. Within a highly competitive market, increasing access to the product and developing the ways in which fabricators and designers can work with the material are crucial to continued success.
The announcement of the new showrooms also coincides with the launch of Neolith Food and Roll, a roving restaurant, bar and cookery school, which will make stops across Europe.

Cortes says: “Neolith isn’t just for designers. We’re exploring every possibility to invite people from all professions and walks of life to experience the aesthetic and capability of Sintered Stone. Whether you’re refurbishing your home, a restaurant, hotel, hospital or otherwise, Neolith’s range of thicknesses, patterns and finishes can meet your needs.”