The ninth Hello Wood International Summer University and Festival has taken place at Hello Wood’s campus in the Hungarian countryside. As part of the week-long Cabin Fever program, students from 65 universities around the world were given the opportunity to build seven contemporary timber cabins in a nomadic, lush countryside, mentored by international architects.

As a result of the week-long effort, the rural area was transformed into a cutting-edge working village featuring cabins on wheels, cabins on stilts, and multi-story homes. The festival is dedicated to the Tiny House Movement, which “makes cabins which give urban dwellers the chance to get away from it all for a while.”

Central to the Hello Wood mission is for students to “gain practical experience to supplement the abstract, overwhelmingly theoretical classes they have at the university.” At the 2018 camp, students gained first-hand knowledge of 2D design drawing, tin roofing, insulation, materials, and teamwork.

Below, we have rounded up the seven cabins created as part of the 2018 Hello Wood festival, complete with images and a short project description. More information can be found on the official website here. Our further coverage of the festival, which also includes articles on the results of previous years, is available here.

The A-shaped Grand Cabin Club seeks to evoke images of “cozy evenings playing board games with friends” with a form familiar to Czech-style mountain lodges. The cabin is built of pre-fabricated wooden panels complete with huge glass windows, complete with two bedrooms, and a large common space capable of hosting a party of 20 people, or 8 overnight guests.

Team leaders: Dávid Ráday, András Huszár, Nóra Fekete, Ádám Bajtai
Team: Martin Varvas, Ogulcan Aksoy, Simona Rusnačková, Lucia Pum, Milan Voorhorst, Maria Gracia Latorre, Matteo Rossetti, Filip Cerha, Miriam Rieke, Nolwen Major Francès, Csaba Rittling